04 November 2007

Brussels NEMO 33 Trip ~ February 2008

NEMO 33 ~ The Deep End!

I have circulated an email with a draft outline of the proposed Brussels week-end trip in February 2008. A number of you have already indicated that you want to take part in this cultural visit .... with an optional deep dive thrown in!

NEMO 33 describes itself as the worlds DEEPEST pool. And as it's name suggest its 33 metres to the deepest point. You do NOT have to dive to this depth and there are several linked areas that have much shallower bottoms! Two Meridian Divers visited NEMO 33 earlier this year and are very much interested in going back. The abundance of good restaurants and Begium Beer are a factor that comes into the plan for a return visit, but they will only be enjoyed by divers AFTER the dive!

If you are interested in this trip just let me know (if you add an anonymous comment to this posting it will not (being anonymous) show on the blog , but it will automatically be forwarded to me by email. Simple!


Simon-T said...

Put linda and me down for two spaces pretty please. We are away tomorrow for a week, but don't want to miss out. Thanks.

Tad said...

think Nikki and me will probably be going although Nikki asked what is she going to do !!!!!!