10 December 2007

Seaford Beach management.

Latest news from Jim Skinner.......
"My submission calling for a change to Seaford Beach management has now been placed with both Seaford and Newhaven Town councils. I included your input so again thanks very much.
I am happy to say Newhaven TC have given it their full support, Seaford Town Council are due to consider it at their next full council meeting January 24th - the delay was at my request as I was away on holiday last week when they were going to discuss it. Perhaps you could let your club members know.
It will also be going to Lewes District Council hopefully soon and also perhaps ESCC."
Jim Skinner

1 comment:

Tad said...

Hi Jim
I know Meridian Divers will support your project just as we are supporting the Sink one 4 Seaford idea. Any project which will enhance the enviroment improve conditions for marine life, attract more visitors to the area and in your case could ultimately over a period of time save taxpayers money has to be a good thing. Also as divers we get a good dive site thrown in to the bargain.