14 December 2007

Meeru Diving ~ Maldives

Following the personal recommendation of Meridian Diver Debs I headed out to a spot of diving from Meeru Island, North Male Atol, Maldives. It was a close call, Lakeside or Meeru but there was very little motorway driving in getting to Meeru and very few shops when you got there, that swung it for me!
I did nine dives with Ocean Pro Divers and apart from diving with the Mantas I tucked a PADI Diver Propulsion Vehicle Specialty into the diving CV. DPVs have their serious uses but need to be used sparingly / carefully on reef diving if you are not to terrify every living creature in the water including other divers!
Ocean Pro have a max dive time of 60mins and the Maldives has a max diving depth of 30m so it's not surprising that many of my dives were exactly 60mins long and none deeper than 28m.
The highlight for me was watching five huge Mantas playing follow the leader at a cleaning station. sadly no Whale Sharks ...but always reason to go back and try again! There were shed loads of small balck tip reef sharks swimming along the islands shores almost every day.
All very pleasant in 28 degrees of water but of course it's nice to come back to the UK and get a few low season dives watching out for elusive but graceful shopping trollies at their cleaning station just off a Motorway junction! Back to reality!

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