05 August 2007

Outstanding Diving & BBQ !

The Meridian Divers Beach Dive and BBQ at West Beach, Newhaven was an outstanding success! The event was attended by nearly thirty people and many of the divers took advantage of flat blue seas and a gloriously sunny day. The water temperature at the deeper parts of the dives was a very warm 18DegC (even so some were in Dry Suits!) .

Dives times varied with the longest reaching nearly an hour. The visibility was good and withthe strong sunlight everyone had a super dive. The post-dive BBQ was well timed and the food was ready to go as soon as the divers had changed! Excellent!


Linda T said...

Good grief Chris - you're quick off the mark! That was a great day - many thanks for organising it. Look forward to seeing everyone again soon.

Chris-P said...

Thanks, and thanks to Alan for the BBQ kit and Gazebo and to Alan & Tad for doing so much of the cooking! Well done, Good Job etc!