13 August 2007

Brisbane Dive Sunday the 12th August

It seems most of you were away or busy on Sunday but a good diving day beckoned me down to Newhaven.

As there were only 2 of us we hopped on Newhaven hard boat Sea Breeze for the short trip out to the old favourite The Brisbane.

On arriving there were 2 other dive boats over the wreck which both had shots down so we didnt need to put on down ourselves. with only 5 divers on board kitting up was easy with loads of space. Alan and me were first in and straight down to the wreck.

Viz was a respectable 5-6m with plenty of light so only needed torches to look into the holes.
The Brisbane is full of life a veritable fish soup of all varieties and sizes and they were not shy.

Working our way along the wreck there were some very large edible crabs, congers and lobsters all claiming a piece of this grand old lady as their home.

The bow is by far the most impressive part of the wreck standing at least 6-7m up from the sea bed and in these conditions a photographers dream with huge shoals of bib and pollock riding the imaginary bow wave.

It was all over far to soon and we sent up the DSMB to be greeted by Mick, skipper of Sea breeze and a hot coffee, cakes and scones, plus 5 very satisfied divers.

Dive statistics

Max depth 25m
Total dive time 39 minutes
water temp 19.c on the bottom
sea conditions slight
wind light SW (which had increased on surfacing)



Jimbob said...

Sounds great, very envious. Looking forward to Sunday. Is there anything planned for Saturday?

Tad said...

Hi Jim
yep it was a good one alan has the boat going saturday not sure what spaces there are though best to check with him times are as follows for sat 18th
Low tide at 09H14 ropes off at 08H30 Meet at 07H40
High tide at 15H13 ropes off at 14H30 meet at 14H00

Tad said...

Sunday is booked for us I know

Jimbob said...

Thank you.

Chris-P said...

Glad you had a good one! Shame I missed it!