05 June 2007

Web Fame!

May be this www thingy is better than we thought! Whenever I search the web for things I find thousands of links that take me all over the place. But, luckily it seems there are people out there who can work it better than me or may just have a certain knack when it comes to fishing around for info. I had an email from a diver called Dave who had a try dive in Greece who said:-

"I found you on the web, saw pics of xmas party and was intrigued when you wrote about" what we are" or was it "who we are" , it seems to me that dive shops want to put you through padi and then leave you to your own devices find a boat and a buddy or join their club for a fee, last year I did a try dive on holiday and thought i might learn, but once qualified where would I go diving, so i thought if i came to one of your meetings you might be able to offer advice"

Dave must have had one heck of a try dive if he has had to confront all those concerns so soon in his diving career. Of course I sent him an invite to come along to the good ol'Berwick. So just may be we'll seem him and he won't remain the 'Mystery Diver'.

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