10 June 2007

PADI Assistant Instructor Performs Textbook Rescue

Meridian Diver Ernie B, a PADI Asst Instructor, had his rescue skills tested for real on 9th June. Thankfully he was not found wanting and without a shadow of a doubt if it wasn’t for his prompt actions and diving skills his buddy, Sheila, might have suffered a severe injury. Meridian Divers don’t have a medal to award but if they did Ernie would surely get it.

Ernie and Sheila descended on a shot line that had been placed on the wreck by another dive boat, on reaching the bottom at around 20m they released the shot line and were about to start their tour when his buddy signalled "Up". As Ernie and Sheila started to launch their Delayed Surface Marker Buoy the attentive and observant Ernie became concerned for the condition of Sheila, he then saw her condition deteriorate and as a result immediately employed his PADI training to recover an unresponsive diver from under water. In textbook fashion he immediately conducted a controlled positive buoyancy ascent (as described in the Rescue Course: Rescue Exercise 6) and brought her to the surface where she was assisted by dive boat crews. Ernie’s buddy was given Oxygen and rushed back to Newhaven aboard the dive boat.

Ernie and Sheila were taken to the Royal Sussex County Hospital. Ernie was released quickly however his buddy who had inhaled water was kept in longer for observations. Neither diver required hyperbaric treatment. Ernie’s fast thinking saved the day, his efforts were supported by the dive boats present. The full rescue was co-ordinated by the Maritime & Coastguard Agency who responded to the dive boat's emergency call and arranged the ambulance and hospital co-ordination along with the RNLI attendance. The Royal Navy diving doctor was, through MCA engagement, able to give a full brief to the hospital. A text book rescue, which prevented a far more serious outcome.

Meridian Divers will be contacting PADI to commend Ernie and others on their response.


Diving Diva said...

Love and best wishes to Sheila and see you back in the water soon.....nice one Ernie (Be my Buddy!!)....xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Diving Diva said...

Good work Alan....xxxx

Anonymous said...

Nice one!
Dave B

Anonymous said...

From MacD. Well done Ernie and best wishes to Sheila for a speedy and full recovery.A big thankyou to all involved and to the emergency services for their prompt response ensuring the divers safety.

Tad said...

I would just like to echo everything that has already been said. Well done to Ernie well done to Alan and Scott thanks to seabreeze for picking us up thanks to the RNLI. I think ernie summed it up to me this evening remeber your training and keep yourself up to speed with it never think that you do not need to practice your skills. Get well Sheila lots of love Tad xx

Debs said...

Well done to both Ernie and Alan. It doesnt bear thinking about what could have happened if neither were fully on the ball.... I think its a good point to remember however, after situations like this its good to deal with facts only as chinese whispers can cause upset and confusion at a time when theres enough to deal with.
Hope alls well Sheila, see you soon...xx

Linda T said...

So pleased and relieved to hear that there is a positive outcome. Our best wishes to Sheila for a speedy recovery and well done to all involved, especially Ernie - you did a fantastic job.
Linda T and Simon T

Anonymous said...

I would to send a big thank you to everyone involved in Sheila's rescue. Everyone's response was fantastic and without you all this may have been a tragic day for me.
I can never express in words our gratitute to you all.

Alex and Nick said...

Shelia hope you are OK and back on your feet soon...

Well done Ernie..

Alex and Nick xxx

ernieb said...

From Sheila
I would like to thank everyone involved in my rescue on Saturday. Alan (skipper of MacD), Scott, Skipper and crew of Sea Zone, the RNLI Lifeboat Paramedic (and the crew for picking up my fellow divers)the Paramedics who tended to me whilst taking me to Brighton Hospital and who visited me the next day (thought that only happened on T.V.), A & E staff and all the Consultants, Doctors and nursing staff who looked after me.
In case you think I have forgotten him, well I haven't, how could I, I owe everything to my buddy and husband Ernie, who without his quick action I would probably not be here writing this now.
This has shown to me the importance of all divers to do the Rescue Course and for those of us who have already, to practice our skills on a regular basis.
Once again my heartfelt thanks to one and all.
Sheila XXXXX

Anonymous said...

relieved to hear all turned out well in teh end. Very best wishes to Sheila, and well done Ernie!

Mandy and Paul

Anonymous said...

Relieved to hear it all ended well. Love and best wishes to Sheila - and well done Ernie!