07 November 2009

Tech Talk at Ocean View

I trundled down to Ocean View to listen to the the talk given by Mark Powell as an intro to Tech Diving. Having done the PADI tec rec course almost 10 years ago I thought it may be a good idea to refresh myself on what is happening around the training of Tech Divers and maybe look at opportunities to update skills that I haven't really used since doing the course.

Mark's talk was very informative and gave me the itch to carry out a refresher couse on the tech basics and perhaps progress to the next level, trimix.

The benefit of this sort of diving to me is that I may not necessarily want to dive to great depths, but to do the dives I do now for longer and with a clearer head. So Mark I may well be knocking on your door next year.

Thanks to Ocean View for the invite to the talk and an enjoyable evening.

To see the courses Mark has to offer, go to his website at www.dive-tech.co.uk



Jimbob said...

Sounds excellent. I can certainly recommend Mark as an instructor.

Tad said...

I did mention you jim

Jimbob said...

Oh dear!
I hope he didn't mention that I tried to kill him, I don't want anyone to know about that, err oops.
Really enjoyed the course I did with Mark. He's a really good bloke, quiet, confident and relaxed.
"So, how do you think that went?"